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Deep Sea Fishing - Sal

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Postponement of waiver of TEV to January 2019

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Sal Island

Tour Operators and Travel Agencies on Sal Island will be able to help you make travel arrangements by road, sky or boat. There are a number of Travel Agencies on Sal at which you can purchase flight tickets to Belgium, Portugal, U.S.A.,Brazil, Germany, Denmark, UK and other countries. The same tour operators can sell you an organised excursion to other Cape Verde islands and, some Travel Agencies will also sell island excursions as well as inter-island flights tickets. You may wish to consider island hopping from you base on Sal Island.

Sal is still way ahead as regards dealing with tourism, but there is still a lot more to be done to make it that 'paradise', which is yet, some way away!

A number of Cruise ships visit Cape Verde, but the bigger ships normally head for the deep ports of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente and also Praia on the island of Santiago. Some smaller cruise ships have arrived on Sal but anchor off the port of Palmeira and transport people across to shore in small boats for an island tour.

Alternatively there is the sail ship the Oostershelde from the Netherlands which makes a number of island tours around Cape Verde in the winter time. More info on this on the right of this page. One regular visitor to Sal sailed on the Oostershelde and later wrote a Blog about his trip and experience.

Those seeking water sports activities on Sal island have a choice of water sports centres from which to contact. Most of the water sports centres are run by people of different nationalities but all have staff that speak English and a number of other languages.

Alugers (local transport)

These are mini buses or pick up trucks that are licensed to carry passengers either within the vehicle or on benches on the back of the truck. Generally it is 100cve (1 euros) to travel inside an Aluger from Santa Maria to Espargos. If you travel on the back bench of a truck it is only 50cve.

Alugers, taxi's and pick up trucks are sometimes used by those taking people on an island tour.