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News 2018 - Visa waiver delayed until 1st January 2019

News 2018 - Visa waiver delayed until 1st January 2019


Postponement of Visa Waiver - (May 2018)

The representative of the European Union (EU) in Cape Verde, Sofia Moreira de Sousa, clarified today, 06, that the postponement of the visa waiver was due to internal conditions and situations that should be resolved. The measure, deprecated by a majority of Cape Verdeans according to the recent Afro-poll, has just been postponed by the current government.
In view of this, the government approved at the last Council of Ministers this week the amendment of the decree-law for the entry into force of visa-free access for European citizens, as from 1 January 2019.
Media bodies are questioning the European Union's ambassador on Sunday. Sofia Moreira de Sousa was speaking to the press on the sidelines of the opening of the European Day celebration, which took place this afternoon at the Ildo Lobo Culture Palace in Praia City, presided over by the Minister of Culture and Creative Industry, AbraĆ£o Vicente.
"We are working with the Cape Verdean authorities on a series of measures, namely in the security and authentication of documents and the strengthening of border security," he said.
According to Inforpress, the diplomat said that there needs to be a "series of steps" for total visa waiver, considering that there is a way forward and that both sides have to move in this direction.
Sofia Moreira de Sousa noted that in this process it is "important" to see the global situation, since, according to her, the issue of free movement and emigration is on the "agenda" in Europe.
"So I will not give perspective in terms of time or date, because it would create false expectations," noted the EU representative in Cape Verde.
SOURCE: Inforpress
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