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Contacting us at Cape Verde Tips

We would greatly appreciate your help when contacting us. We have a number of our own site web forms which we use for different business purposes.

Using a specific form for your enquiry should be related to the subject i.e. wedding enquiry please use the 'Wedding Enquiry' form. Your enquiry will then automatically be stored within all enquiries for that subject, reducing the amount of time we would have needed to filter and file your enquiry individually.

We also have a number of advertisers who will have individual pages and enquiry forms specifically for their business and services which you will find throughout our website, for example about furniture suppliers, deep sea fishing, diving etc.

For general enquiries we would prefer to respond by email. If you are making a general enquiry about visa's or importation, we have some tips, suggestions and experiences of others to similar questions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) sections, which you can find on the top right of this page.

We can't provide in-depth answers to some general enquiries about Cape Verde as we are not a Customer Service Centre. If you can't find something to help you within our site or FAQ's, please keep your question as general as possible e.g. 'If I buy a vehicle in Cape Verde (on Sal island), are their garage repair shops'? which is different to ' If I buy a vehicle, can I get engine parts delivered and fitted quickly'? ....... or ... 'I am bringing over my car from UK, do they sell parts for a Ford Mondeo in Cape Verde'? ..... With those I think you would be asking the wrong person and contacting the wrong website!

In certain circumstances requests for us to respond by telephone by international calls may not be made. Alternately you can provide us with a skype name.

We thank you for your assistance.

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