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SHIPPING - Dispatchers-Clearance-Agents-Cape-Verde - 2011

Dispatcher and Clearance Agents in Cape Verde - June 2011

Sal Island CV: 00238

If you are sending a container or airfreight over to Sal from the UK or another country, there is a Despachante in Espargos who speaks English. He has come recommended by a few people who say they have tried others before but he is the best to use and could get your container out of the dock within 2-3 days.

Contact: Anselmo R.T. Lopes dos Santos.
Telephone : 241 21 93.
Email: anselmosantos_4@hotmail.com.
He does prefer faxes.

There are other Official Despachante on Sal and on other islands.
Sal: Jose Silva Ganeto ....................241 3489 / 2637  Fax: 241 3489
Sal: Raimundo Filipe Alves.............241 3239/2596. Email:   despachanteralves@hotmail.com
Sal: Pedro Jose Dos Santos ..................241 1154 Mobile: (00238) 991 5604.  Email:  pedrosantos_despachanteoficial@hotmail.com
Sal: Carlos Araujo dos Santos.......241 4157

Port of Palmeira on Sal Island - The contact at the Customs Office at Palmeira in 2011 was: Mario Cabral. There is also a company based at the Port in Palmeira who deal with containers that arrive from Felixtstowe via Las Palmas.

July 2018: Some expats have said they've been told to go to Palmeira (Sal) regarding airfreight deliveries!

You can also call into the Camara do Commercial Office in Santa Maria to ask for information from the 'Paute Adeianeira' about importing to Cape Verde. There are other Despachante's on other islands. The Sal Despachantes can organise delivery to Boavista as well as the international removers.

Boa Vista Despachantes (00238)

Boavista: Antonio Delgado Pimintel...........251 17 19. FAX: 251 1718 Email: antonio.d.pimintel@gmail.com
Boavista: Fatima Maria Alves Neves.....251 1714. Email: desp.fatimaneves@hotmail.com

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TIPS (2018)

There is a minimum charge for work performed by Despachantes in Cape Verde. There are different Despachantes operating on each island.

If items are under a certain value and weight, the law says that you don't need to use a Despachante at the arrival island, however you would need to make your own enquiries as to what this amount is but please note, some people have said that on arrival at the Cargo Terminal and the Customs Office (ALFANDEGA) they were told that although they were under this limit, they still had to go to a Despachante.

Rules can change hence why we are not specifying what the laws are!

You will need to translate the name of the goods and value to Portuguese for all your invoices.

If the ALFANDEGA are happy to accept you don't need to use a Despachante, an official from the ALFANDEGA will come down and inspect the cargo and check it. If all is OK they will stamp your documents and you can take your items out of Customs after paying ASA fees or any other fees.

See more comments on associated pages (top right).

Contact details may change, please carry out due diligence with any contact details provided for Cape Verde.

If you need accurate up to date information please contact a Despachante in Cape Verde. If you have any useful info about importation, you can submit comments below. Those wishing to advertise their business or services can do so by contacting us for advertising options and costs.

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