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Investment - Business-Incentives-2011

Useful information for those investing in Cape Verde

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Business Incentives (June 2011)

The following information has been translated using google translate (see both below). It is therefore not officially accurate and more than likely the laws will have changed since the following information was obtained in 2011. The translated words may not be correct and maybe misleading. This information may change at any time. You should make your own enquiries as regards accuracy and updates.


  • Exemption from duties, excise and customs fees on imports of general goods equipment and materials listed;
  • Exemption from IUR on income generated by each new plant annotated over a period of three years;
  • Free export of products;
  • Deduction of taxes on reinvested profits.

(Decree-Law No. 108/89 of 30 December) (Decreto-Lei nº108/89, de 30 de Dezembro)


Exemption from customs duties on imported materials for construction and operation of hotels, resorts, marinas, golf course, as well as other tourism-related activities;

  • Exemption from IUR: 100% in the first five years of activity and 50% during the next 10 years;
  • Deduction of taxes on profits reinvested in similar activities;
  • Deduction in the taxable expenditure on training of national workers;
  • Free export of products.

(Law No. 42/IV/92, 6 April)(Lei nº 42/IV/92, de 6 de Abril)

The laws may have changed since this information was posted in July 2011.

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