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Visa - Re-applying for Residence Cards

Re-Applying for Residency in Cape Verde - January 2018

Residence Cards

I applied for Cape Verde Residency for the first time in 2016. There is a blog about the process I went through, some helpful tips and comments about the whole thing. At the time I was issued with a 2 year Residence visa in Feb 2016, something I had not been expecting as prior to this, first time applicants were only issued with a residence visa for 12months.

So, in January 2018, I started the process by visiting the National Police Station to obtain the list of what I needed to provide for my re-application. One new addition to the list was for evidence for my payment of monthly Social Security contributions (INPS). 

In January 2019, European and some other nationals entering Cape Verde were exempted from requiring a 30 day tourist entry visa, however, at the same time as this, a new TSA Airport Security tax was introduced. There will be some people that will be exempt from paying this new TSA tax, however, that has been mentioned elsewhere on the website. There are still some expats that are unsure as to whether other visa's, other than the Residence Visa, will allow them to be excluded from paying TSA tax as some have had to pay, while others not!.

Right to apply for permanent residence in Cape Verde

Some of the questions included on this page are being asked because they need asking, who'll answer I don't know. An article was printed in Macauhub News, January 25th 2018 which stated that 'Foreigners who invest in real estate in Cape Verde, (with certain conditions) have the right to permanent residence'. You can read the article here: MACAUHUB-RESIDENCE-INVESTORS

Having read the article, will this mean that those that meet the conditions will also need to provide the same listed items below, that Expats in Cape Verde currently have to provide?

Is this for those that have already invested in CV, or just new investors?

There are number of things that need clarifying and simplified by the Government.

What if you don't have a 'first home' any longer, then you won't be buying a 'second home'.....sorry, I couldn't resist that, think I am going stir crazy with all of this!

Renewal Application for Residence

Having gone through the process in January, of collecting documents for renewing my Residence Card (RC), with some documents already submitted at the National Police Station, I thought I'd share some information about it.

NOTE: Currently, foreigners that want to apply for Residence Cards for the first time, will be required to provide other documents e.g. a Police Disclosure from your home country. This is not required on re-application. Please find below the Google translated list from Portuguese to English, with a few comments, notes and some further questions.

List of documents currently required for renewing your application for RC (issued on Sal - January 2018).

1.Letter directed at Hon. Mr. National Director of the National Police requesting Renewal.......it must be set out correctly and written in Portuguese

2.Application form for revalidation of residence permit completed.

3.Three (01) Passport photos

4.Valid Passport

5.Proof of the existence of adequate and sufficient economic means of subsistence on Cape Verde......... what will they actually accept?

NOTE: One expat did have her pension statement from the UK translated and accepted at the Police Station, while another persons didn't. There may have been different officers dealing with submitted documents at the same Police Station.

6.Criminal Record of Cape Verde ....... From the Camara Municipal

7.A Certidao Matrical certificate as proof of ownership of a property, or a valid rental agency agreement.

NOTE: If you own a property in CV, you will need to obtain a Certidao de Identificacao Predial' (CIP declaration) from the Conservatorio as they no longer issue a Certidao Matrical. NOTE: If there is no record of the property you own on the system at the Conservatorio, you may need to go to the Camara Municipal with copies of your ownership documents which should show your 'Fraction number' or the localization document showing exactly where your property is situated on the plan. Once this is done they will send someone to the property to verify its situation. I only mention this as it happened to a property owner on Sal.

8.Compositional of regularity of the contribution situation you make to Social Security (INPS).

NOTE: Everyone applying for a Residence Card has to pay Social Security. For some working expats, this is and remains the main stumbling or contentious issue for those who want Residence Cards. Some people may only work 'part-time' or feel the contributions are unfair or too high. There is a link to some info about INPS and Social Security payments at the bottom of this page.

Q: Are foreign investors going to have to pay Social Security every month in CV if they want Residence Cards?

Q: Will foreign investors be able to submit social security payments they make in their own country instead of having to pay Social Security in CV?

9.Passport-Valid travel document ............passport

10. Medical Test Certificate (at local hospital).............you make an appointment and are told to come back a week later at a specific time, you may have a long wait when you arrive. Also different coloured numbered cards issued for different Doctors in Santa Maria Hospital!

NOTE: The old hospital has closed down and will be demolished. The hospital team are now situated up the side road of Cazu Super Mercardo, it's in the Social Housing block at far end of the road on left.

11. International Vaccine Certificate.... some of us had this card issued following our yellow fever injection in November (not sure if Yellow Fever injection is actually required)

12. National Record Police Register (PN) - CV

13. Police record of Police Judiciary (PJ) .......... The notice above the reception counter at the Judiciary Police Station asks that you present your application form requesting this declaration in the morning and that you should only call in to collect the certified document in the afternoon. They will tell you when to come and collect it, it usually takes a week from the day you submit it, before it is ready for collection. 

14. Fiscal situation "declaration from Finanzas".......that shows that you have no issues with Finance (I think), that was the more expensive document 2.700ecv

15. Three (02) copies of Residents Card.

16. Two (01) Passport copies .......... you actually need more passport copies to produce when applying at different places/offices for other documents on this list.

17. Recent bank Statement (CV bank) ....must tell bank it's for your Residence Card so they will officially stamp it (costs 1000ecv)

18. Other documents required

There are fees associated to most of the above, returning dates differ to collect documents and possible unexpected waiting times.

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