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Home and Holiday home Insurance Specialists

As someone who has or is thinking of investing in a property in Cape Verde, you may be interested in the following. We also provide Expats Home insurance:

Is/will your overseas home properly protected?

As an owner of a home overseas, you already understand the importance of protecting your valuable asset. Until now it has been hard to find an insurer who provides comprehensive protection combined with a flexibility that covers all eventualities - but that has now changed.

Introducing Intasure

I am delighted to tell you that we have found an insurance provider that specialises in providing comprehensive and flexible cover, against all eventualities, for holiday homes in The UK Overseas. The provider is Intasure and their exceptional product is very flexible and designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether your home is occupied or unoccupied or let short or long term, Intasure policies are ideal for second homes in The UK and the owners of property abroad.

Every policy is underwritten by Lloyds of London and offers a host of benefits, but one of the key advantages is the UK-based English speaking team that resolves any problems that may arise. In addition, all policy documentation is written in English - so you know exactly what you are getting.

Wider cover for your protection

Intasure’s cost effective policies provide far wider cover than most standard European policies. They also cover your specific property, unlike Local Community Insurance which can be deceptive. Add £5 million worth of essential public liability cover, which is important for anyone who lets their property - particularly with our trend toward litigation - and you have truly comprehensive cover at a very competitive price.

Immediate protection available

You can request a quote online for property in Cape Verde or another country. Please use reference Intro ID: '200457' for Cape Verde property insurance enquiries on web forms or when enquiring by phone:

Expats Homes

Quotes for home insurance are also available for Expats living permanently in Cape Verde. Get a Quote by filling in the form below on the left.

Request a Call Back' by phone

You can request Intasure to call you back on the phone for free. Request a 'Call Back' by completing the web form bottom right.

If contacting Intasure directly by phone please quote: 200457

Yours sincerely
Cheryl Thomas
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