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Investment - Electra - bank transfer-2013

Electra - Bank transfer

Setting up a Direct Bank transfer for Electra Utility payments if you already have Electric supplied to that property...... and have previously paid bills at Electra.

There are a few ways you can set up a DD monthly payment for your property in Cape Verde. Here, we provide helpful guidance on what you should do through one method.

Your 'Cartorio Notorial da Regiao de 2.a Classe do Sal' (or it will state another island where you own property) is the document you need to take with you to show you own the property. You must also take passport copies of all owners of that property.

Visit the Electra office with above documents. Ask if you can set up a DD (bank transfer) through your bank in CV. The staff at the Electra office will give you a set of 3 forms, they are carbon copies. You can complete the form in English. The name of the form is:


Modalidade de pagamento de Facturas por transferencia bancaria (Method of payment of invoices by bank transfer)

Then complete the form:

There are two boxes, tick the one that says ADESAO (join up)

Complete Section 1:

Nome do Cliente ( Name of Electra Cliente) ......................

No.do Cliente Conta ( Your Electra Client Identification no - it's on all your previous bills) .........................

Morada (Address) - Abroad or in Cape Verde ..................................

Telefone (Telephone) - Abroad or in Cape Verde..................................................

E-Mail: ...............................................................................................


Complete Section 3:

Dados referents a conta atraves da qual pretende efectuar os pagamentos: (The account you wish to make the payment out of on a monthly basis). NOTE : This must be a Cape Verde bank with which you have an account, I was informed you can't set this up through a bank abroad.

Titular da conta bancaria (name of account holder, exactly as it is written on your account)

Banco (The name of the bank in Cape Verde):

NIB: Your Cape Verde Banks NIB number.

Assinatura dotular da conta (Signature of Account holder - should be the same as the one used to set up your account).

Date: ........./........./...............

{tag_icon} Electra - Bank transfer ({tag_filesize} KB)

Once you have filled in all the details on the Electra Form and signed and dated it, you can then take it, together with the other documents, to your bank in CV.

At the bank, inform the Counter Assistant that you wish to set up a DD for Electra and hand her/him your documents. They will check that all the information is correct and that the signature is that of the Account holder. They will then complete section 4 of the Electra form and stamp it and sign it. You can then take that form back to Electra and they will process your DD.

At Electra the staff will complete Section 2 of the Electra Form: Identificacao do Local(is) Consumo

Electra will, require you to sign another two forms, one to say that you are Authorising them to take money from your bank account, then the other one to say that the Name and NIB and account number on that form is correct (Autorizacao de Cobranca por Transferencia Bancaria + Contrato De Fornecimento)

You will be required to pay around 2 euros to set up the DD Contract with Electra (per property).

In order to check the payments have been made, you can set up online banking with your bank, if you haven't already set up online banking, please contact your CV bank by email to ask how to do this.


If you have already been paying bills and you have the 'Cartorio Notorial da Regiao de 2.a Classe do Sal' (or it will state another island where you own property) then you need to get a copy of that and a passport copy of all owners, to the person dealing with this in CV on your behalf.

The process is the same as above except for:

The person dealing with the setting up of the DD will require from you a signed authorization letter which will need to be given to the bank assistant. CVTip: use black ink pen to fill out the form, it scans better. The letter should include your (the owners) account number, name (as on account), telephone number and email (as per the Electra Form) but then also introducing the person who is processing this DD on your behalf, by including their name and their Passport Number, then sign it, date it and return it. If there are other people that own the property with you on a shared bank account, their details should be included. CVTIP: It is also advised that the person going to the Bank on your behalf, take a copy of his / her passport with them, in case there are any queries at the bank.

The top copy of the completed Electra form can be scanned and sent to you by email. CVTIP: Adjust printer properties as Section 4 is shaded and may print off too dark for the Bank Assistant to write in the boxes clearly. Then when the signed document is returned it can be attached to the 3 carbon copies and taken to the bank with the signed authorisation letter, the 'Cartorio Notorial da Regiao de 2.a Classe do Sal' (or it will state another island where you own property), your Passport copy, and the passport copy of the person who is dealing with the process. The Bank Assistant will check that all information and and your signature is correct, if so, she will complete section 4. The Electra form can then be taken back to Electra for further processing. You may need to explain that only one Electra form has been returned signed, as you scanned the top copy to be signed and returned, not all 3. ...... CVTIP: get another two copies of the signed Electra form and take the 3 with you to Electra, just in case!

If they are happy with that, the person dealing with this on your behalf will be given two Authorization forms (1.Autorizacao de Cobranca por Transferencia Bancaria ...... 2. Contrato De Fornecimento) which they will need to scan and send to you to sign and return, one form will ask you to confirm the NIB number etc is correct, the other form; that you are authorising Electra to take money from your bank account. You should sign, date and return both. Once you have signed and returned these, they can be taken back to Electra, a payment of around 2 euros is made, then a document will be issued confirming that your Contract has been set up.

To view the amount paid each month, you will need to set up online banking with your bank in Cape Verde. If you haven't already set this up please email your bank to ask how to set this up.

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