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Weddings - what if I want to change venue or day.

Considerations for a ceremony on the beach:

We arrange permits for a ceremony on the beach. This is generally included in the price of the service as, in most cases, we organise these with the authorities in advance. This means that we have to make our own bookings with the Marine authorities, specifying the location of ceremony, date and the length of time we will spend on the beach from setting up to removal of equipment in addition to other factors. It is difficult to get arrangements changed once booked and paid for in advance. To organise a new booking or change to the pre-arranged date, time, venue could also be difficult at short notice and, there would be a further cost incurred.

The summer months are less windy but it can be very hot and humid, occasionally there may be some rain.

Not having nearby access to refreshment and bathroom facilities can cause some distress if someone is dehydrated or not well, so we usually have facilities available within walking distance of the ceremony service. Please note, this is not just for the wedding couple or their guests, but for members of our team, who may not be permitted to access facilities in your hotel.

Our ceremonies are held during daylight hours. We do not hold ceremonies on the beach at night. We do not offer services in isolated areas.

If you require a photographer, please ask for a quote.

If you require assistance with after ceremony dinner arrangements we can offer some suggestions, however any additional arrangements by us will incur a further charge for our services. To save on our time, please specify what it is you require so we can provide a quote. Please note, the additional time and costs carried out by us for additional services, will not include the costs you will need to pay for dinner, drinks and transport in addition to what was agreed for the ceremony service on the beach.

You can, if you prefer, use your own photographer and.or make your own dinner arrangements at your hotel or other venue that we suggest.

There are other factors that we have taken into consideration that are not listed here, that will be referred to on this website and within Weddings-FAQ:

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    Weddings Cape Verde

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