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Weddings - What else do I need to know

If your interest is purely because you have not yet decided which country you are visiting, but you are in the process of choosing where you wish to spend your holiday, then I hope you find the info about our Sal Island ceremonies helpful. If the service on Sal is what you are looking for, or isn't what you require, then please let us know. Either way, we will wait for you to contact us with a follow up email, after you have read the information below. Please read on.

We have the popular 'simplicity package', which is suitable for couples or small family group.

Or, for a larger ceremony, then bespoke arrangements can be made with the Belorizonte hotel at their hotel beach bar, Bar da Praia. If you want some costings for a ceremony and service at Bar da Praia for 'Family and Friends' we can provide a rough price based on some bespoke arrangements we have organised there previously. However please note, the prices are to be used as a guide! Check out our 'Friends and Family' web page.

The Simplicity package is the cheaper option as its the less complicated service and generally there is a fixed price. Whereas the Friends and Family service and ceremony is more bespoke.

We require you to meet with myself or my assistant wedding organiser before the ceremony, this is our pre-ceremony meeting where we look at the venue, confirm arrangements, your hotel number and confirm any last minute updates.For this reason it is not possible to organise a ceremony the day after you arrive on Sal.

If you require a photographer for your ceremony, we can provide a cost for an hours service using one of our team to take the photos. If you are here for a weeks holiday you will need to leave enough time to view the photos after the ceremony and collect the usb at the photographers before you leave Sal. The photos are usually ready in 2 days (excludes Sunday's).

Whichever service you require we would require non-refundable booking fee, the amount would depend on the service you require.

If you wish to have a Pastor or Photographer or additional services then there are additional costs for these. Please read the weddings pages, as most of the answers to your questions can be found within them.

If you have already decided you wish to have us arrange one of the service we offer on Sal Island, then please get back to us with any questions or tell us more about yourselves and what you are looking for, as stated on the web page info, there are some things we may or may not be able to provide for practical or other reasons, but we won't know until we start chatting about these. Always best to communicate by email and not other social media or on the phone, it can get very confusing!

Also please remember your initial enquiry will record your name and email address, if you start writing to me as another person or from different email address, I won't know who you are and, I will only liaise with one email address, again, to save confusion.

We are unable to help if couples require:

- a legal marriage ceremony on Sal, Cape Verde ........ as we only offer renewal of vows, marriage blessings, love and devotion ceremonies.

- information of other businesses or services on Sal which offer similar services to ours or in fact assistance with legal ceremonies

- contacts on Sal or other islands for similar services.

- ceremonies to be held at the Riu or Melia Hotels (we don't provide a service on the beach there).

- ceremonies on other islands.

Hopefully you will find all the information on our wedding pages held within our Secure Zone helpful. We explain why or where we offer our services in more detail and why we can't offer our services at some other venues or what we can or can't do.

If you complete and submit the wedding enquiry form we'll wait for your next email, just in case you haven't read the information on this page, which is repeated in the auto response to the web enquiry. Let us know if you wish to proceed and request further information (or not proceed). This would be very helpful if you could do this. Thank you for your understanding.

We don't want to write to people unnecessarily, but we would really appreciate a follow up email from yourselves, (after reading the above and accessing further info within our secure zone), just to let us know if you are:

- Still interested

- Still undecided

- Do not require our services any further

Weddings Cape Verde

    Weddings Cape Verde

    We provide marriage blessing ceremonies on the island of Sal, Cape Verde

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