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Travel - I heard I need to pay Tourist Tax, what's that about

Tourist staying in hotels/resorts will be required to pay a tourist tax from 1st May 2013. The Tourist Tax focuses on the overnight stay in tourist establishments and similar (220 escudos per night, up to a maximal of 10 nights and for guests over 16 years old). Nationals traveling to other islands and staying in hotels/residentials, etc. will have to pay tourist tax.

Property owners in Cape Verde

If you own a property in a resort and rent out your property to tourists then according to the above you should be charging and paying a tourist tax. It is up to owners whether it is deducted from the rental income or if they charge extra per guest. However please seek advice about this and individual resorts, or directly from the Ministry of Tourism. You will also need to enquire how and where to pay the Tourist Tax if you manage your own rentals and don't rent out through a Management company or the Resort Management.

Paying Tourist Tax

Amounts for tourist tax can be declared by property owners in Cape Verde at Finanza, they can enter your information for you (based on the information you supply them) onto the Porton di Nos Ilhas system, or if you understand Portuguese you can enter amounts yourself in the comfort of your own home. If you do not speak Portuguese or have instructions on how to enter the information onto the system, you can pay an accountant to do this on your behalf as the system is in Portuguese for financial entry submissions.

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