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Investing - Can I have a 'Will' prepared in Cape Verde

Preparing and drawing up a will on The Cape Verde Islands

Yes you can have a 'Will' drawn up in Cape Verde. Here is some information provided by people who own property here on Sal Island who have had a 'Will' made in Cape Verde using two different methods.


Conservatoria and Cartorio - Santa Maria

As reported in last weeks newsletter (18th Nov 2015) there is now a Conservatoria and Cartorio office in Santa Maria where you can process legal documents. This is great for those who live in Santa Maria as time spent traveling to Espargos is avoided. I visited the office yesterday with the help of someone who could translate. There were a number of people waiting. The lady in the office was very helpful and stated that if you wanted to write a 'Will' then you should also supply a copy of the passport of the person you were leaving your property too on your death. If you have a number of properties and want to transfer them to different people on your death, passport copies must be provided for each person named in your 'Will'. If any of those persons reside in Cape Verde, they must also provide their NIF number…….. Cheryl

Sheena wrote:

Go to the Registry (Conservatoria and Cartorio) beside Hotel Pontao. It cost 13,500 escudos to process your Will (approx. 123 Euros). You need a copy of your passport, Residency if you have one and your NIF number. You need 2 witness and a photocopy of their passport and their NIF number. If you do not speak Portuguese, you need a translator, he/she must not be one of your witnesses, with a photocopy of their passport and their NIF number. You then write up your will in Portuguese and give them all of this and pay. They re-write it and then call you in to go over it and to sign. Everyone needs to bring their passport. This part can take between 1-2 hours. After that you wait 5 days then come back and pick up your Will..... Regards, Sheena

If you would like to make enquiries in English about forms and the type of documentation that is processed at the Cartorio in Santa Maria you can contact : Telma Silva:    telma.silva@rni.gov.cv    (the letters following @ are: r n i )

Telma ........ Tel: (00238) 516 3406

Sue wrote:

I used a lawyer to have my 'Will' drawn up.

As I own a property in CV (and its just in my name), I was advised to make a 'Will' in Cape Verde. I have made a Will in the UK, which was all very simple, a quick visit to a Solicitor, read it, sign it, job done, and at a reasonable cost of around £40. NOT so straightforward or cheap in CV. My Will had to be translated into Portuguese and sent to the Notary in Espargos. Then myself and 3 witnesses had to go to the Notary with my passport, where the contents of my will had been handwritten in a Book of Wills, which had to be translated and read back to me, then I and the 3 witnesses had to sign the official book. All for a cost of 400 Euros. Expensive, but worth doing for peace of mind.

Hope this info is of help. Regards, Sue.

EXPATS NOTE: You need to be respectfully dressed when attending the Notory.
Ladies and gentlemen should not wear shorts or vests.
Gentlemen should wear long trousers and a shirt with sleeves.
Ladies should wear a dress or blouse and knee length skirt or blouse and long trousers.
One gentleman who went to his lawyers office just before going with them to the Notory to have his Will legalised was informed at the Lawyers office that his knee length chino tailored trousers were not acceptable and that he should go and buy a long length pair of trousers at the Chinese shop and wear those instead 

Marriage Blessings - Sal

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