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Weddings - Non-Cape Verdean Nationals staying in Cape Verde.

Yes you can arrange this yourselves at the Notary.

- You will need to contact the Notary on the island you are going to be staying on to ask what is required. You can also arrange a Catholic service, but again, we do not provide this service. The Church and Priest must also comply with the Notary requirements to make it a legal marriage.

- We do not assist with either of the above services.

- One day perhaps the law will change, so that tourists can arrange a marriage in Cape Verde for the week they are here on holiday. However, there has been nothing announced to say that this will be possible in the near future, that is why there are no legal ceremonies offered online by hotels and travel agencies for Cape Verde for foreigners. Once they do start advertising that they offer them, then maybe that's the time for you to check, who else is also offering this service.

- We at Cape Verde Weddings do not offer help with organising legal ceremonies and will not do so until the law changes in Cape Verde to make it a quicker process and delivery.

- Cape Verde, although not in the EU, follows many of the Portuguese laws.

- If the Portuguese law changes on the time frame and documentation needed to organise a legal marriage ceremony, then perhaps Cape Verde will follow suit, as and when that will happen, who knows, not us!

- Here is the link to the Portuguese guide on arranging marriages in Portugal (Jan 2020). We do not know if the process in Portugal will change for British Citizens, post Brexit!https://www.expatica.com/pt/living/love/weddings-in-portugal-105264/





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