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Tourist Entry Visa - April 2017

The following article was Google translated from Portuguese to English: The executive led b..

Cesária Évora - Apple Music Playlist

This very poor and isolated nation won international recognition through the beautiful voice of ..

Cabo Verde Registers more planes and passengers in 2016

The number of passengers handled at Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) airports in 2016 increas..


This section provides information on the Cape Verde islands, visiting Cape Verde Isles, about Cape Verde, investment opportunities, properties, things to do, places to eat or go, holidays, family, beaches, pools, swimming, restaurants, bars, medical provision,hospitals, clinics, dentists, the environment, pets & vets, sport, travel, banks, leisure, hotels, history, communications, internet, telephones and much more.


The section on investing in Cape Verde includes a number of points and comments and experiences of people about investing abroad. There are information pages about moving to Cape Verde, looking to buy land or property, which island to choose, travel, property considerations, property management, annual property tax (IUP),mortgages,house insurance, furniture,furniture packs, furniture accessories, importation,customs,sending goods abroad, legal issues, lawyers, solicitors, realty, FAQ's, property checklists,snagging and much more.


Our Properties Section will now accommodate promotions from some of the prime resorts and developments as well as smaller developments. Some of the articles within the section 'Investing in Cape Verde' will be relevant to some of the old and new developments.


Cape Verde photos and movies can be found within the Photo Gallery. There are links to over 40 albums on activities, developments, villages, beaches and a number of the islands within Cape Verde. There are more albums within Picasa.


Within the travel section you will find information about visa's, Thomsonfly,luggage, flights to the UK, Portugal, Italy and Germany, about Sal, Sal International airport  (SID) -  Amilcar Cabral, travel between the islands and some experiences, information on the islandsvisited including Sal, Maio, Sao Vicente, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau and Santiago. Some information on tours and trips, ferries, catamaran, transport, mountains, beaches, hotels, medical, greenery,walks,hikes, the environment and much more.

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Thinking of travelling to somewhere other than Cape Verde?
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Marriage Blessings, Sal Island, Cape Verde on Make A Gif

Marriage blessings are becoming more popular on Sal Island. We can co-ordinate a marriage blessing for you. Please visit or Wedding pages so that you understand they are 'blessings' not legal marriages. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
Love and Devotion Ceremonies
We also provide 'Love and Devotion' readings, these are Romantic non - religious ceremonies on the beach. Choose your own words or poems. Click on the link to read more about our Love and Devotion ceremonies.


The first issue of the information booklet - 'Notes for British National in Cape Verde' was produced in Aug.09. The booklet was updated by the newly appointed British Ambassador Mr.John Marshall and the British Embassy team to Cape Verde in Nov.2011 and more recently in July 2012. Click here to open:

British Embassy Information on Boa Vista Island and Sal Island - Booklet - July - 2012 British Embassy Information on Boa Vista Island and Sal Island - Booklet - July - 2012 (619 KB)

The notes provide helpful information to British Nationals in Cape Verde and those contemplating moving here. The booklet will appear on this website and also on the Expats Cape Verde website. The British Embassy Notes have been updated - July 2012. Please read the announcement on the left concerning Mr.Antonio Canuto.

2015 - A new British Ambassador to Cape Verde has been appointed. Further information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.


Information obtained or provided by ministries, government services in Cape Verde is now being positioned within the WHITE PAGES section (top right) of page. It will include an Immigration Guide to Sal, a detailed map of Sal and other useful information on Cape Verde.

Promoting Sal from the air, Cape Verde
For more information from Cape Verde Property, click here: Properties for Sale





As from February 2013 the Cape Verde Tips Newsletter will cease until further notice. Our sister site 'Expats Cape Verde' website will continue to send out newsletters to subscribers. The Expats Cape Verde website has some interesting sections such as Blogs and Forums on Cape Verde:  Expats Cape Verde

The Expats newsletter contains information from weekly national newspapers and some information from expats or businesses. The online upload  of the newsletter to a web page on the Expat website ceased as of 14th March 2012. You will now only receive the newsletter by email after registration.




Sal Island - White Pages

1. Useful information about Sal
2. Emergency Contacts on Sal
3. Water-Sports-Activities
4. Travel-Tours-Excursions
5. Bars - Cafe's - Restaurants
6. Property - Sales - Management 
Repairs - Shops - Services - Supplies
8. Hotels - Pensions - Residencials



  MASTER PLAN  2013-16
Municipio do Sal

The following information has been extracted and translated from the Sal Island Master Plan 2013-16 which was made available in July 2013. Click here for more information: MASTER PLAN 2013 - 2016


Property Management Agencies require blocks of Apartments to be insured in case of fire or other threats. Individual properties should also be insured. For a quote from one insurance company who are providing this service for properties in Cape Verde, click here:  Homes Abroad

There are various options for advertising. One option being to advertise within our 'White Pages' for Sal Island. Click here for further informaton on
Advertising Options
Or, contact us to Advertise your business here.


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