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About general information

There is a great deal of general information available in the different sections and pages within the Cape Verde Tips website.

In 2016 information from our sister site 'Expats Cape Verde' will also be merged with Cape Verde Tips and include Blogs and experiences of people who live on the islands.

Some of the articles and page info from the old site, has now been placed into 'Tips' and FAQ's, although most are under 'Investment'. Please understand that most of these could be personal comments from those who have provided information to CVTips, others will be from sources that provided different information which may now be 'out of date'. They are not to be taken as factual information. The information has been gathered over the last 11yrs, so you will hopefully understand, that many things will have changed and perhaps up-dates not available or provided by others.

Some housekeeping will be done to archive for reference some of this information, documents or downloads, but not all.

Within this section there is local, national and international news information. Those who wish to continue receiving the 'Expats Cape Verde Newsletter' will receive it from the Cape Verde Tips website, however the name of the newsletter may change. People wishing to register to receive the newsletter can do so on Cape Verde Tips (when the new site is launched later in 2016).

There is also a sub-section for Yellow-E-Business, in which some will want to list their business or service.

Also included in this section will be information about what it's like to live or work in Cape Verde as an Expat. Some of the things that you need to get used to or things that may help those looking to move here.