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Travel information for Cape Verde

Travel and holiday information about the Cape Verde Islands with Cape Verde Tips.

Cape Verde Tips provides a great insight into what the Cape Verde Islands has to offer. Holidays and flights to Cape Verde have become more popular over the winter with Scandinavian and UK tour operators offering more flights to Sal Island, Boavista, Santiago and Sao Vicente.

Some Expats are choosing to fly via Europe to reach their final destination. There are some cheap alternatives with flights to Dusseldorf, Brussels, Gran Canaria, Paris and more before flying on to your final destination.

Cape Verde offers an all round sunny and warm climate. The long white sandy beaches of Santa Maria on Sal Island and up the south east and west coast make it a great location to come and participate in water sports activities or to just have a relaxing holiday.

Blue seas, kite surfing/boarding, wind surfing, fishing and scuba diving make it the place to visit. Others come to Cape Verde to sunbathe, lie on the beach or swim in the warm sea and enjoy the relaxed and non crowded beaches of Sal island and Boavista island. Hotels are stretched along the coast line or are nearby to restaurants, bars or other accommodation within Santa Maria, Sal Island.

The island of Boavista has more white sandy beaches but much less as regards restaurants and bars or things to do.

Some people may prefer the mountains of Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau or the cultural city of Mindelo. Hikers and cyclists have their own preferences as to which islands they want to visit. So why not come visit us.

You can read about the other Cape Verde islands within this website. There are some good books that provide information on Cape Verde. There are also various albums of photos and movies within the link in the Photo Gallery.

There are travel and tour companies in the UK that can help you with your inter-island travel and tour plans which can be arranged before or at the same time as booking your flight and trip. There are also a number of inter-island travel and Tour Operators here on the Cape Verde islands, some with staff that speak good English, so there is no problem with booking through them, they are very experienced, most have been operating here for years, but that is something for you to look into before you book.

International direct flights also arrive on the capital island of Santiago. From there you can fly to Boston (USA), Angola, the Canaries, Europe, Brazil, Morocco and other countries.

TACV also fly to Lisbon : Skyscanner

Cabo Verde Express fly to most of the Cape Verde islands and the African Continent: Cabo Verde Express

Binter Canarias: BINTER-CANARIAS

TUI : Various websites in Europe/UK

Thomson.co.uk (packages or flight only): THOMSON

Thomas Cook (packages and flight only): THOMAS COOK